Renewable Energy
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Renewable Energy

We aim to be a modern and sustainable facility. All of the surplus from the center is going to support the school’s programs, which include environmental projects to protect the island's unique nature.

We constantly reduce our carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources. Why?

Fossil fuels (carbon, gas and oil) release huge amounts of carbon dioxide which heats the atmosphere, directly contributing to global warming. Toxic fumes from burning fossil fuels cause many contemporary diseases like asthma or lung cancer. On top of that, they take thousands of years to restore. Scientists have found that at the current rate of our fossil fuels consumption, they will run out in about 30-40 years.

That’s why many people are switching to green energy: solar, hydro, wind, etc. They’re renewable and have much lower cost to the Earth.

Here in St. Vincent we are lucky to have around 3 000 hours of sunlight per year, that’s why we’ve installed solar panels; thanks to them our center is now off the grid as we produce 100% of the energy which we use!

We also have solar water heaters installed on our rooftops. They warm up our water just by using the heat from the sun. Now whenever you take a shower in Richmond Vale Diving and Hiking Center you are contributing to saving the environment!


Installing a 17.5 kw solar system on the roof

Battery bank - 120 2volt 650 amph batteries in one serie