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Discover Scuba

If you've always wanted to experience the exciting underwater world of scuba diving, come dive today! Reduced Price is US$ 70 all-inclusive -  Lowest price in the Caribbean.

This is the most fantastic way for those with NO EXPERIENCE to try out the wonderful world of scuba diving. Our all-inclusive half day introductory course is the perfect way to give Scuba Diving a try!

It begins at 9am by checking in and meeting your instructor. Next you'll get sized up for safe, well maintained and great fitting Scuba equipment.
You'll really be diving in just a few hours, not days in a classroom!
Following your fitting you'll watch a 20 minute video that covers some easy to understand and informative information about Scuba Diving physics and terminology

After the video, you will start your confided water session. Your instructor will help you into your equipment and then at your own pace you will get under the water and take your first breaths on SCUBA!
Once you have a little practice breathing under water and become comfortable, your instructor will introduce you to 3 basic safety skills which you will learn and practice. Don't worry, it's easy, you will master them quickly, and build your confidence.

Once your skills are complete, we will take you on the reef to explore the underwater wonders. You will max go to 12 meter/40 feet.

Since your instructor will be diving with you for both assistance and saftey, all you need to do is enjoy the dive and swim with the fish!

As always, our class is all inclusive!
Everything you'll need is just one price!


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