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In this exciting 5-day clinic, you will learn to take the fundamentals of how to work with a horse at liberty, inspired by herd behavior, to the next steps. The way that horses interact with each other maintains cooperative relationships, safety and survival. With introductory liberty work, the horse becomes willing participants. Then you will learn how to translate that knowledge and understanding to the back of a horse.

The clinic is limited to 6 participants and hosted by Stina Herberg and her students.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a small island nation in the Eastern Caribbean. Our population is 110,000 and our main income is derived from tourism, farming and fishing. We are located at the end of the road on the main island of St. Vincent surrounded by an incredible beautiful environment, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the La Soufriere volcano and the rain forest. “Sahaja” means natural, simple, spontaneous and easy in Sanskrit.

”Sahaja” also means “born with.” You can learn to speak with horses; it is in fact very easy, you know it already, you were born with this ability. All you need to do is to remember.


  • Get to know our magical herd of former wild horses.
  • Learn to connect with horses at liberty. Energetic principles, body language, tracking the rhythms of the horse, are all part of understanding how to come into relationship with a horse on a deeper level.
  • Enjoy trail ride training, visits to the beach and the river with the horses.
  • Enjoy delicious & healthy meals plus lots of available fruits of the season throughout the day.
  • Relax in the evenings under the stars on the terrace or in the field with the horses in view of the La Soufriere Volcano the ocean & the rainforest.
  • Great discounts on yoga classes, diving and hikes.
  • Meet new, like-minded friends and create memories that last a lifetime.
  • Unique Scuba Diving possibilities

Dates & Times: 2rd – 6th of December 2017
Cost: US$ 1750,-

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“I had such an amazing time and I can’t thank you enough I left empowered as a lead mare with effective ways to achieve goals and awareness of my body language.” - Michelle Stewart

“To come here to learn is the best way I think. You are in this amazing spot with all the views to the sea and you have the fantastic nature so I just grlyreborn again. I had all this wonderful food, very clean, organic food, and then just b-e-i-n-g."
- Amanda Sandstroem

"This pure connection with horses is what I always wanted. The WHR taught by Stina and her horses was a dream come true. St. Vincent is a treasure among the caribbean islands. You will find yourself in an unique tropical getaway. Nature at it’s finest and Stina is an excellent teacher." - Kim Knuit




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