Volcano Hike
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La Soufriere Volcano in St. Vincent is 4,048 feet above sea level.

This is full day tour where walking from our center to the top takes 2.5 to 3 hours.

At the top, you can rest, eat, relax or go down to the volcano's crater for 1/2 to 2 hours at the top. Returning to the center, takes 2 to 3 hours.

Therefore, the complete hike takes around 6-8 hours. The tour starts at 7.30 am.

Unlike many tour operators, we offer the Leeward Side ascend, this is a tougher hike than the one on the Windward side, but it is worth it! It is more scenic and on your way back, you can take a swim in the Caribbean Sea to cool off.

The tour include a guide, an introduction, snacks and water to take on the hike.

Remember to wear good hiking boots or strong trainers and bring a long sleeve shirt (it can be cold at the top) and a light rain jacket; It is ok to wear shorts. We recommend that you stay with us overnight and go on the hike early the next morning.

Inside the Crater

If you have some extra energy, once you reach the top, you can go down the crater and experience the silence and beauty inside the crater.


Kurt & Doris, Germany

"We, Doris & Kurt from the sailing yacht Kurtisane, enjoyed this hiking up to Soufriere - the tour is impressive because of the plants and the landscape and because of its very good organization and an excellent and careful tour guide.

Thanks a lot for this lovely day. We will never forget."

 Karl from Austria and Rosa from Panama

"Well organized tour in the beautiful surroundings of St. Vincent. We felt very safe all the time. Our tour guide was excellent in knowledge, we enjoyed his explanations."

Tony Grise

Inside or out, the crater is truly a sight worth the effort to see. It will take you about an hour to walk around the entire interior, and this again will require some light climbing and possibly some wading. Where the wind may be forceful at the rim, the inside of the volcano is always calm, and the temperature is comfortable.

The most difficult part of going down into the mouth of the volcano is getting back out. Your arms may just cramp up as you support your entire weight using the rope to climb back to the edge. After all the exercise, food tastes better than it ever has.

Loren from Australia and Marcus from Carriacou, Grenada

Had a wonderful hike up La Soufriere, the weather perfect, the view unbelievable and the company - Franklyn our guide looked after us well and kept us smiling all the way up!"

"It was a great day myself and Loren thought it was a very spectacular view all the way up. At the top it was for me the best view over any Caribbean island I have been to.

Thank you Franklyn for a wonderful experience.

Stefan, Ingo, Martin and Bettina

We all liked the tour very much! Especially the climb down to the dome with the rope was very interesting, though it was a bit hard for some of us.

Franklin, our guide, was very nice, helpful and he showed us lots of interesting things and gave good explanations of the nature and the history of the volcano.

If we hike the volcano some time again, we would like to do it again with Richmond Vale Hiking!!!


Rates Volcano Hike per person (Staying guest 10 USD off)

  • 1 person     85 USD
  • 2+ person    75 USD