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Organic Food

The food served at the center is for the most part produced on site. At this point, we produce most of our greens in the organic garden. Not only is it chemical-free, it’s also very much sustainable. The crops are watered by rainwater using drip irrigation system. We produce compost from horse manure, leaves and kitchen leftovers; we also prepare organic fertilizer and pesticides.

We have animals which allow us to be self-sufficient with eggs and chicken meat all year round. Soon we will also produce our own pork.

What we cannot produce on site is mostly bought local or regional in order to reduce the carbon footprint and support the local economy. We also believe that small local farms produce better quality food than huge agribusinesses. Only a small percentage of the food we consume is imported, including mostly the products which cannot be grown in St. Vincent.

For delicious and healthy snacks we have a forest garden consisting of 500 trees and bushes of more than 50 species. Thanks to that diversity we are sure that at any given time some fruits will be in season. However if you’re lucky, you might get to taste others as well, which we preserve in the form of jams.

We also bake our own bread, dry the herbs for tea and produce delicious yoghurt from grass-fed cow milk. You must try it at breakfast with our own fruits!