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Dark View Falls

These beautiful falls are just a few minutes walk or drive away from the Center.

This tour perfect for children and for people who desire to do a shorter and easier hike.


It takes about 40 minutes to walk from the center to the falls.
Here, you will find a bamboo forest and picnic area.
You can stay at the falls as long as you want to.



Samantha & Chris (Horse Hike to Dark View Falls):

I got very interested in Richmond Vale Academy after reading an article in the Vincentian newspaper.
I got in touch with Stina and we decided on a hike with the horses to Dark View Falls.

It was an amazing experience for the 5 of us who had never hiked with horses before. Stina is an excellent teacher and with the help of Roberta and Franklin we all had a great time connecting with these beautiful animals.


Falls of Baleine

The falls of Baleine are located in a beautifully secluded area where silence and peacefulness prevails.
You arrive to them after a short boat trip and walk